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Arabian Adventure - Shwarmah Sandwiches



March 2005


Kianna in Dubai,United Arab Emirates


Arabian Princess Party

For my daughters 10th Birthday we decided to have an Arabian Adventure Party!

The girls and boys had to come dressed in any arabic clothes such as an Abaya for the girls and a white robe for the boys!

The girls and boys would sit around in a cirlcle and then they would have arabic tea and cookies and Dates, and I hired a salonist who did henna for the kids!

After that they would get their name written in Arabic on a piece of paper which I would then put in a photo frame.

For the dinner we had fruit cocktails and for the starters they had arabic bread with either beef or chicken, for main course they each had a shwarmah which is meat and vegetables wrapped in pita bread served with water! We set up 2 tents outside in the garden for them (1 for the boys and 1 for the boys) and they listened to arabic music as they werer going to sleep!

For party packs next day I gave them their names in arabic, an ornament , lilquorish and nail polishe for the girls and a shark tooth neckalce for the boys!

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