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Arabian Princess 9yr - Simple Arabian Costumes



March 2002


Kim in Manitoba, Canada


Arabian Princess Party

I have searched EVERYWHERE for ideas and ended up using my own because of the unique theme my soon-to-be 9 year old chose. 

She saw a picture of a beautiful young girl draped in a colorful sheer shawl and dark eye make-up and so we chose an Arabian Princess theme.  The invitations went out in small plastic bottles also filled with sand and shells.  They told the girls they would be whisked away to a deserted oasis for a day (sleep-over) of pampering. 

I draped shinny white fabric on a chair and sewed a pillow with 4 large (homemade) tassels made of yarn and old trim. Besides this "throne"  I covered on old play tent frame with an orangy fabric from Wal-Mart's bargain bin and a unique orange and silver piece from Saudi, Arabia.  I am asking the girls to wear white T's and we will supply baggy colorful pants and scarves.  We will do the dark makeup and pin up their hair. 

My sister is coming to take pictures after their make-over complete with tiny body jewels around their eyes.  They will smash open a treasure box shaped pinata filled with gold coins, small wind chimes, and sparkly clips.  Inexpensive rhinestones will make hair clips or decorate small bags depending on what I find that costs the least. 

The next day we will tell stories, watch princess movies, and eat waffles and ice cream for breakfast, as per the PRINCESS' request!  I have also collected recipes for lip gloss, bath salts, and a beautiful Barbie cake which will use a dark skinned Barbie.

The girls will leave with a basket full of beauty products they have made, piƱata loot, and hopefully good memories.  I also thought this would be a great party for older girls with penny tattoos, bikinis and sarongs, and the Arabian make-over. 

They would make great glamour pictures but I was unable to justify kin and tattoos for 9 year olds!!!

P.S. This party cost me under $50CD including film developing, food, and craft supplies.  She owes me!!

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