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Disco Spend the Night - Disco Ball



September 2001


Natalie in Vestavia Hills,Alabama,USA


Seventies 70 Disco Party

For my birthday party, I had a disco spend the night party.

We borrowed a real disco ball & black strobe light and danced to disco music with the lights off.   My mom got glow-in-the-dark peace signs and flowers and hung them with ribbon from the ceiling.  We also plugged in my Dad's lava lamp.  It was groovy!

We tie-dyed T-shirts with my tie-dying kit. We also made name necklaces with ABC beads and plain beads.  My mom made the "flower power" cake by baking a round circle and covering it with pink icing.  For the petals, she covered TWINKIES with pink icing to make a flower cake. We also added sprinkles in the middle.  

We also played the "present" game.  It's a great way to not make gift time so crazy.   The birthday girl puts on a blind fold or closes her eyes, then one friend is secretly selected to say something to the birthday girl. For example, they can say "Happy Birthday" or "I like going to school with you".  The birthday girl then guesses who's voice it is.  That person then comes up and sits next to the birthday girl as she opens the present.

We then put on our pajamas, watched movies and ate popcorn until bedtime. The next morning, since it was my actual birth day, my mom made me a cake out of stacked up waffles and whipped cream with candles.  It was yummy! Good luck and have a great birthday!

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