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80s Party 8yr - Tie-Dye Shirts



November 2004


Sheila in Ocala, Florida,USA


Seventies 70 Disco Party

My niece is 8 years old and in love with the 80's. Everytime she hears the music or when her mom and I tell her about the way we use to dress, she giggles with excitement at the thought. So for her birthday, her mom and I are doing an 80's party.

We're letting the kids make tie-dye shirts or purses,make large bright jewlery, dress up from the 80's, and have 80's music playing to dance to. We're decorating with neon colors to add another touch of 80's girly fun! Later, when the party calms down the kids will be watching a collection of the funniest 80's films (picked out by the birthday girl of course) This is not only fun for the kids, but also for the adults who like to reminisce with laughter.

The kids get a chance to see what life was like for other kids from different times. It makes it fun for the kids, especially at this age, to pretend they're from another time period. The 80's is one of the funkiest, brightly colored, and most wackiest fasionable periods for girls, which makes it a lot of fun and laughter for a party.

However, the party can resemble any time period such as, the 60's peace party, or the 70's disco party with a dance floor and disco ball. You could go further in time and have a Medieval costume party, or a George Washington Period Party with dresses and funny wigs. And the list goes on!

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