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70's Disco Party - Freeze Dance Disco



June 2008


Stella in Melbourne Victoria Australia


Seventies 70 Disco Party

INVITATIONS I have done a quick computer  invite with details ect. Mum put the limit to 5 which was perfect because I had 5 best friends.

FOOD We are getting chocolate cookies,  strawberry straps, gum, cheese cubes on tooth picks, meat balls on toothpicks, buttered bread, veggies and chips.

PARTY Guests will arrive. We will lead them to the party area. Dancing for a bit and then we are going to play  some games like: freeze dance,  disco moves (where you take turns in  doing a dance move and then you have to repeat it again and again. Whoever  stops last wins) and mirror. Then we will do some activities.  First we will do light as a feather stiff as board, then we will do portraits.  Then we will do a craft, which is making rope people and houses for them and everything. Then we will dance until parents arrive.

DECORATION I am going to hang streamers everywhere, and  have balloons on the ground. We are going to  put fairy lights everywhere. Then, we will have snack table on the side and people can dance. We are also going to tie die a sheet and hang  it on the wall. We are making a disco ball  ourselves but we will try and get a real one.

PARTY FAVOURS We will put mint leaves, lolly snakes, Fredo frogs, smarties ect. But also our rope dolls, and a key ring . Plus  a little note book with a pen. I hope my ideas were helpful. Happy birthday!

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