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WIlly Wonka Party

WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY:   I've recently become the "family party planner".  Here's the latest one I did for my nephew last weekend.  Its long, bear with me. 

INVITATION:  Was a golden ticket that read: "WONKA'S GOLDEN TICKET.  Greeting to you the lucky finder of the golden ticket from Mr. Willy Wonka.  Present this coupon at (ADDRESS) at (TIME)(DATE) and DO NOT BE LATE!  In your wildest dreams you could not imagine the marvelous surprises that await you."   

DECORATIONS:  I hung purple and gold steamers and balloons all over the deck, playset and indoors.  We also hung strips of the candy dots that come on paper.  I used large cardboard circles (purchased in the cake decorating department (Wilton) at a craft store) spray painted them various colors, attached a dowel to the back and wrapped the circle with plastic wrap to make giant lollipops to decorate the yard.  I created lickable wallpaper, as in the movie, by melting Jolly Rancher candies and then "painting" fruit on strips of fruit themed wallpaper.  I made a strip for each child so we wouldn't share germs :). 

Over the table in the dining room, I strung strings of lollipops from the light fixture to the corners of the room.  These can also be hung from a doorway to create a "beaded" entry to the party room.  I used a purple tablecloth and spread chocolate gold coins and WONKA bars to decorate the table.  Partyware was plain purple and gold plates and utensils.  I used styrofoam cones painted purple to stick long spiral lollipops in.  I placed one at each end of the table.  The kids were allowed to take one as well as a WONKA bar and WONKA Nerds when they went home. 

THE CAKE:  Was a sheet cake with a chocolate pudding river, lollipop trees, gumdrop bushes and candy flowers made out of Necco wafers and frosting. 

THE GOLDEN CHOCOLATE EGG:  I painted an extremely large Easter egg with gold paint.  I filled it with chocolates.  We used this as the "hot potato" around the circle of kids.  When the music stopped, (it was the soundtrack from the WONKA movie), that child was out.  The last one remaining got to keep the egg with the chocolate.  I made extras so we played the game a few times.

EVERLASTING GOB-STOPPER HUNT:  I bought extra large plastic/rubber jaxs from Wal-Mart.  They were multiple colors found in the toy department which could slightly resemble the candy from the movie.  Remove the bouncy balls, you will not need them.  We hid the "gob-stoppers" (jaxs) all over the yard and had the kids find them as they would an Easter egg hunt.  We counted each child's find and the top three received prizes.

PEPPERMINT TOSS:  Using the same cardboard circles as mentioned above, I painted them to resemble peppermint candy.  The children then used them as "Frisbees" and tossed the peppermints for distance.  The longest three tosses received a prize.

PIN THE GOLDEN TICKET:  I made tickets out of metallic gold paper and put each child's name on one.  I went to a teacher's supply store and bought a bulletin board set that included a large cutout of a boy.  Then, blindfolded, they tried to pin the ticket into CHARLIE'S hand.  Three closest received a prize.

OOMPA-LOOMPA RACE:  This will only work if you have older (grade school) aged children.  I made two OOMPA-LOOMPA costumes out of white sweatpants and an orange shirt.  We timed each child as they got dressed and ran a set distance in the yard.  To make it more interesting we also made them stuff their outfits with balloons so they "OOMPA'D" across the yard.  Top three fastest times won a prize. 

ACTIVITIES:  If you have older kids, we didn't, you could provide a multitude of assorted candies, string and bull pointed plastic canvas needles to make their own candy necklaces.  I hoped this helps, I know it was a hard theme to come up ideas for!  I can't wait to see what he wants me to do next year!!

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