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Willy Wonka Party -4yr- Oompa Loompas Only



June 2010


Debra in Oakmont, PA USA

Honorable Mention

WIlly Wonka Party

My daughter became obsessed with the older movie version of Willy Wonka when she was 3, so for my daughter's 4th birthday, we decided to recreate the movie and factory in our house.

The INVITATIONS were real Wonka Bars, and I printed out on Gold paper the exact wording from the Golden Ticket in the movie:  Greetings from Wonka! Greetings to you  the lucky finder of this Golden Ticket  from Ms. Hazel.  Present this ticket at the factory gates  622 Pennsylvania Avenue  at eleven o'clock in the morning on the twenty-second day of February  to celebrate her fourth birthday. In your wildest dreams you could not imagine  the marvelous surprises that await you!" ~

Willy Wonka  DECORATIONS: We pulled out all the stops here. I had red butcher paper lining the walk up to our home. I made giant sized lollipops candy pieces and candy bars (out of Styrofoam dial rods and green purple yellow and red cellophane) which also lined the walk. Once the children entered they had to sign their name to the scrolled contract of liability (also which was copied word for word from the movie clip). We had the music from the movie playing right in the foyer as well as the movie playing on the television.

Each room in the house was labeled: the Chocolate Room had a chocolate fountain with fruit and marshmallows to dip and a hot chocolate machine; the Candy Room had "smellable wall paper" of smelly stickers (instead of lickable) and huge pieces of candy hanging from the ceiling and on the walls with colorful punch balloons adorning the corners; the Invention Room had bubble wrap as the flooring and a fuzzy-lifting drink fountain. The Bathroom we labeled "The Fudge-Making Room" and even labeled the sink "hsawaknow" for "Wonkawash spelled backwards". Our Bedroom we labeled "Wonka's Private Office". All of the other doors throughout the house had labels such as "Oompa Loompas Only". The door heading to our basement we labeled "The Taffy-Pulling Room" and taped pieces of Salt-Water Taffy all over it for people to "pull" off and eat.

ACTIVITIES: Since I am an English teacher I also posted the famous lines by Wonka all over the kitchen as well as the literary work from which it came such as "Parting is such sweet sorrow" [Said to Mrs. Teavee as she is dragged away by Oompah Loompahs] from Romeo and Juliet Act II Scene 2 by William Shakespeare [1564-1616] JULIET: Good Night Good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say good night till it be morrow. I called this "The Literary Genius of Willy Wonka". I also made a Trivia Quiz with 15 questions on how well one knows Willy Wonka including questions about the book and newer movie as well such as "Who played Willy Wonka in the original movie; in the new movie?" "Who wrote the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".

GAMES: Each game followed the order of events in the movie. For Augustus Galoop the kids had to eat a marshmallow candy cone as a race. For Violet Beauregard the kids had to either blow the largest bubble with bubble gum or blow up a balloon. For Veruca Salt I had filled Golden Eggs (balloons) with candy and each kid has to sit on his/her egg to pop it and get the candy. For Mike Teavee we made a huge old looking TV and on the screen we had an Oompah Loompah on it with the face cut-out. Each child got their picture taken as an Oompah Loompah as part of "Wonkavision". Finally for Charlie each child got to go to the Candy Shoppe where I had all sorts of colorful candy and fun: lollipops gum drops licorice gum balls punch balloons smelly stickers and even toothbrushes.

Each child got to fill a bag as his/her party FAVOR! They absolutely loved going to the candy store and getting all of their hearts desires to take home with them.

For FOOD we served "candied" carrots "sugar"-snapped peas SNOZZBERRIES (mixed berries) "Honey"-glazed ham and "Sweet" potatoes. 

The CAKE was various colored cupcakes with candy pieces on top (gum drops lollipops Sweet tarts) all on a stand with a small cake on the top with tons of candy overloaded on it. DRESS: My daughter had on a "candy" dress (luckily a theme of Gymboree at the time). My husband and I wore Candy-Striper shirts. We encouraged people to dress as one of the characters and my brother and his wife dressed in purple jumpsuits for the newer version of Violet and her matching mother. THANK YOUS-Each guest received a thank you with a lollipop on the front and his/her picture in the Oompah Loompah Wonkavision!

Was a great party. People are still taking about it! "

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