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Classic Pooh -2yr- Honey Pots & Bees



March 2009


Mikaela in Lincoln, Nebraska

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Winnie The Pooh

For my daughters second birthday we had a winnie the pooh party.  I decided to do it a little different and do a Classic winnie the pooh party.  I started planning her party about four months in advance and did lots of research on the internet for ideas, and then came up with my own ideas.  I found they don't make the classic pooh party plates, invitations etc. anymore so I made alot of the stuff myself except if you want to buy it on ebay for three times as much.  We had the party at our house and had about 27 guests. Five were children under three, four were older kids. 

Invitataion- I found a picture of pooh (he was holding a candlestick).  I blew up the picture and cut out pooh.  I then traced him onto tan cardstock paper.  Instead of him holding a candle he held a birthday cake with a number 2 on top.  He wore a party hat with a little puff ball on top.  On the back I wrote, Everyday is somebody's birthday said Pooh.  That's a lot of cake!" said Piglet.  Join us as we Celebrate Maggie's Birthday the date time In the Hundred Acre woods our address Come with a rumbly in your tumbly and we will be sure you leave stuffed with fluff.  I glued pooh on a pretty 5X7 card stock paper that had pastel plaids on it.  His party hat was green with white polk-a-dots.  I used the polk-a-dots as a subtle theme throughout the party and the colors pink and gree. 

Decorations- In the living room I had a Classic winnie the pooh pop up book that I displayed ontop of our TV armoire.  It had seven of the different stories from pooh.  On our fire place mantle I hung pink and white balloons and added a ceramic classic pooh and piglet to my "own" decorations on the mantle.  In the dining room on top of our hutch I set our stuffed Classic pooh eyore and Piglet on a doll sized whicker table and chairs.  I put my daughters pretend Cake on the table with a number two. 

I made honey pots out of clay pots and cut gold felt to look like honey dripping out of the pots.  I set them next to "poohs" birthday party.  I had pink and white balloons behind them.  I also had a felt birthday sign I hung in our dining room.  I made bees (from someone else's ideas they posted on this site).  I used egg crates and glued them together and painted them yellow and black and hung them with wire on my chandelier above the table.  They were popping out all over and looked like a swarm of bees over the table.  For the table I had a pastel green and pink plaid table cloth I stitched light green tule around the table and on the four corners tied hot pink bows.  The room looked magical just like the hundred acre woods.  

Activities- We had our games in the basement in which we decorated as the hundred acre woods also.  My daughter had a climber that we changed into Mr. Sanders house (poohs house) by using a cardboard box on one side of the climber and cutting it to look like a tree.  We cut a hole at the bottom for the kids to crawl throuh and in the middle of the tree for them to peek through.  I put a sign across the tree "Mr. Sanders."  The kids had a lot of fun playing while the adults were eating. I set up my daughters Big stuffed bear chair with winnie the pooh books for the kids to look at.  I also cleaned out my plastic flower pot and turned it into a honey pot for the kids to play with.  

Games- Besides playing in poohs house we played pin the tail on eeyore.  We found a picture of eeyore in a coloring book and used a projector to blow it up and trace it.  We colored it like eeyore and of coarse he was missing his tail.  I made gray felt tails with pink bows tied around at the bottom.  I glued a button on the top like the classic stuffed eeyore has.  We also had a winnie the pooh pinata. 

Our last game was the Tigger bounce through Rabbit's garden.  I sewed tigger tails.  I found tiger striped felt sewed them like a tail and put a hanger in each one and twised them so they looked bouncy.  I sewed orange or black ribbon on each one to easily tie around the childs waist.  I sewed orange for the little kids and black for the big kids so I could quickly hand them out.  I then found vegetable coloring sheets online.  I used carrots lettuce rutebegas and pumpkins.  I colored them and glued them to square pieces of card board.  The game went like musical chairs.  I scattered the vegetables all over the floor and played winnnie the pooh music while the kids bounced around.  When the music stopped if you weren't on a vegetable you were out.  The kids loved this game. 

Food- Our party was during lent and on friday so I had to come up with non-meat food.  I made Christopher Robin's Corn Chowder Tigger's Bounce and Cheese (macaroni and Cheese) I found at a local store they carried actual tigger tail noodles that were really spirally.  We also had Pooh's Fishn' sticks (Fish sticks) Rabit's garden salad and biscuits and honey.  We had a lots of food and everyone enjoyed the variety.  I made little place cards with what each one was called. I also had pretzels and a bowl of bit-o-honey.  Which I was glad I did because people liked to snack as we were waiting for all the guests to arrive.  Since I made all the food I decided not to make the cake and had it made by Super Target.

The Cake- I almost did the generic cakes they have for pooh at the bakery's but I really didn't want the cake to be the only thing not classic pooh.  So I decided I would make my own cake top and have a bakery put it on the cake.  I sculpted a classic pooh out of air dry clay just like he looked on the invitaion only 3-d.  He was holding a birthday cake and had a party hat on. I painted him tan and drew on his eyes and nose.  I drew out exactly how I wanted the cake done and it was made perfectly.  I had them make a two layer cake 10'' and 6''.  It was frosted all white with pink boarders around the top and bottoms of each cake. 

Bee's buzzed around the 6'' cake with black dashes between each bee.  The 10'' cake said "Happy 2nd Birthday Maggie" with green polk-a-dots all over.  The pooh was on the top with green frosting around his feet.  It was adorable and delicious.  I placed the cake as the center piece of the table.  For cake plates I found green and white polk-a-dot paper plates and pink and white striped napkins.  Our dinner plates were pink paper plates with green and pink dinner napkins.  We had classic pooh dixie cups that we had pre-dished icecream into.  So all we had to do was hand them out.  

Favors- I had 5x5 square white boxes that I filled with goodies.  I had a dixie cup full of smarties with a little note from pooh "may these help you think think think."  I found small slinky springs and tied a note from tigger "Remember to keep bouncin' because that's what tiggers do best."  I also put a small play-doh bunny fruit snacks and pooh stickers in the box.  I placed a pink ribbon around the box with a sticker of the one of the characters on the top center of the box.  They turned out adorable.  

Other- My daughter wore a classic pooh velore dress we found at target with Pink leggings.  She blended in with her party perfct!  We had lots of fun and I am so happy I went to all the work.  We will have so many memories of our Classic Pooh party.  I was worried her party would look like a baby shower/party but it really looked like a two year old's party!      "

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