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Winnie The Pooh Party -1yr- Fill Rumbly Tummy



September 2009


Theresa in Elizabethtown, PA USA

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Winnie The Pooh

My daughter loves Winnie the Pooh, so we decided that would be the theme for her first birthday.

Location:  We had her party at a local park that is wooded, under a pavillion.  Invitations:  I ordered printable Winnie the Pooh invites online.  And printed up the wording as follows:  Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood where Winnie and his friends play You'll find the enchanted forest where we'll celebrate (name)'s first birthday!  Join Tigger, Eeyore, Kanga and Roo Rabbit, Owl and Piglet too! On (date) at (time) address RSVP to Christopher Robin at # Come and fill your rumbly tummy!  The envelopes were then sealed with a Pooh sticker.

Decorations: There are two park entrances, so I made posters that said Welcome to the Hundred Acre Wood"  with arrows. There were five different guest tables set up.  Each had a theme. We had a piglet table decorated with a pink tablecloth a large piglet balloon several light and dark pink balloons and a piglet doll as the centerpiece.  Tigger table had an orange tablecloth a large tigger balloon several orange and black balloons and a tigger doll as the centerpiece. Eeyore table had a blue tablecloth a large eeyore balloon several blue and black balloons and an eeyore doll as the centerpiece.  Pooh table had a red tablecloth a large pooh balloon several red and yellow balloons and a pooh doll as the centerpiece.  The center table was decorated with a pooh themed tablecloth multi color balloons a balloon that had several characters and then all 4 character mini dolls as a centerpiece. 

The cake and favor tables were decorated with pooh themed table clothes.  They each had pooh character dolls sitting on them also. The food table was decorated with a yellow tablecloth and all of the food was displayed in red tubs and platters that I found at a local dollar store. 

On the cake table I created a giant yellow posterboard that had pictures of my daughter with all the milestones she had achieved in her first year.  IE.. first time she held her bottle rolled over ate babyfood.  I stenciled the dates and the milestones descriptions under the picture and decorated it with pooh and character stickers.  The center picture was her 1st birthday pictures where she was dressed in a personalized pooh shirt and pooh ears.  

I also purchased online 5 foot wall scenes of pooh characters.  My husband took plywood and cut it to the shapes of the characters and mounted the characters on the plywood.  They sat all around the park pavillion.  One with pooh was sitting near the food tables with a sign that said "This way to fill your rumbly tummy!"  A picture of owl was hung from the rafters of the pavillion because he looked like he was flying.  We also had a large pooh banner that the face was cut out of pooh and the kids all took their picture in the scene as pooh. We brought my daughters high chair to the park which we decorated with a pooh banner.  She had a matching bib. 

Activities:  We didn't really have activites because most of the children were young plus we were at the park and they were able to play when they weren't eating. 

Favors:  Each child got either a yellow or red bag filled with most of the following items depending on their age:  pooh themed stickers card games pencils bookmarks crayons glowsticks. Candy flavored chapstick and bodywash(for the older girls). Pooh character pez. Bubbles sidewalk chaulk candy and homemade chocolate covered pretzel rods that I made with red chocolate wafers and then put yellow sprinkles on. 

These were wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied with a tag that had a picture of Tigger and said "  Thank you for making my birthday Tigger-iffic!"  The adults got a small honey scented votive candle that a friend of mine made and a birthday picture of my daughter as a thank you.  I made labels for the candles that had a picture of pooh sticking his hand in a honeycomb and it said "I hope you had a Beeutiful Time".    

Cake:  I had three different things.  The kids got cupcakes that had winnie the pooh sticks in them.  They were french vanilla with chocolate icing and chocolate with peanut butter icing.  I had a large round cake with a picture of pooh in a garden with little bees flying around and their trail said "Happy 1st Birthday" and my daughter's name.  On the side of the cake were little bees and their trails.  Then I had a small version of that cake for my daughter to smash.  She "blew out" not really candles that spelled her name.   Food:  I wanted to do something special for the food so each item I made was named after a character. 

Each food had a label which I printed a picture of the character and the food's name on glued it to a popsicle stick and poked it into a moss covered styrafoam ball which was cute in half so the bottom was flat and would stand up.  We had Pooh's pasta salad Christopher's chips Tigger's Tangy Meatballs Owlive Cheese dip and crackers Piglet's in a blanket Rabbit's garden (which were vegetables on a platter I made a fence out of popsicle sticks. Then lined up the veggies in rows like in a garden and put the veggie name on a tag like you label them in the garden and stuck them on a toothpick and put them at the front of each row) Kanga's Kabob's(fruit) Eeyore's Raincloud(fruit dip) Roo's wraps and Gopher's Dirt pile(dessert). 

Misc:  My daughter wore a pink shirt that had a picture of Pooh and said My 1st Birthday on it.  I wore a pink shirt and had piglet ears. I talked husband into wearing a black shirt and he had tigger ears and my niece wore a blue shirt and had eeyore ears.  Each of the kids got pooh ears and pooh party blowers which we had them all blow when we sang happy birthday.   It was a lot of work but the look on my daughter's face when she saw the big character's made it all worth it."

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