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Winnie the Pooh -2yr- Pooh-nut Butter Sandwiches



February 2006


Kimberly in Cumming, GA USA

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Winnie The Pooh


INVITATIONS: I cropped a sheet of gold cardstock to 5" by 10" and used my computer to print the following on the bottom of the inside of the invitation: "Laini is turning two and she's celebrating with Winnie the Pooh." It also included the date, time, and location of the party. For the front of the invitation, I used a photograph I'd taken of my daughter holding her favorite stuffed Winnie the Pooh. I cropped the photo to 4" by 4" & matted it with gold cardstock, which was attached to a 4 1/2" by 4 1/2" piece Winnie the Pooh scrapbook paper which was then adhered to the front of the 5" by 10" sheet of cardstock. I punched two holes at the top, and used raffia to tie a ribbon through the holes. I also added a Pooh sticker to the back of the envelopes. They turned out really cute!

DECORATIONS: Our party was at our neighborhood clubhouse. We tied red & gold (Pooh colors) balloons to the clubhouse sign to mark the entrance to the party. On the clubhouse door & windows, we attached "Pooh" window clings that my friend found at a local dollar store. A 3 ft. stuffed Pooh holding a balloon bouquet sat on top of the gift table. (Before each child left, we took their picture with Pooh)  Red & gold streamers were added to the table & throughout the clubhouse. A dozen red & gold balloons floated throughout the room. The children enjoyed being able to grab the ribbons & play with the balloons. Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, and Rabbit stuffed characters were displayed throughout the room for the children to enjoy looking at and playing with. I was fortunate to have two friends who collect stuffed Poohs. Borrowing saves a lot of money!

ACTIVITIES: The children could choose between several activities to entertain them. There was a small tunnel to crawl through, two tents to play in, a basket of Winnie the Pooh books to read, a small slide, Pooh coloring sheets (I downloaded from internet) & even Pooh crayons (found at Big Lots).  I also had an area set up with a small TV/VCR playing "The Book of Pooh." (checked out from local library-FREE!) Other activities included Pooh bowling (using an inexpensive plastic bowling set & a small Pooh ball) and a Hunny Pot beanbag toss. I bought a large plastic flower pot and wrote "Hunny" on it. I then added bright yellow felt cut into a wavy design (using my hot glue gun) around the top to resemble honey drips. I found some inexpensive bean bags and placed them by the pot for the children to throw inside. I also made shakers with plastic Pooh Easter eggs I found a week before the party. I opened each egg, added a little rice, then taped the egg so that the children couldn't open them. These were great to use while listening to the Pooh & Tigger music cd's I found at the library. (another freebie!)

FOOD: For the picnic theme, we had "Tiggerific Party Mix" (chex mix), "Pooh-Nut Butter Sandwiches" (peanut butter on honey-wheat bread cut with bear shaped cookie cutters), and "Piglet's Yummy Fruit Dip" (I tinted my fruit dip recipe with food coloring so that it would be pink, like Piglet). For these three snacks, I made little signs using red cardstock & a sticker of each charcter next to the title. The children didn't notice, but the adults thought it was a cute addition. We also had "Pooh Party" gummy snacks (found at grocery store), Pooh & Hunny Pot cookies (found premade at grocery store), tortilla chips & spinach dip (for the adults), a Subway party tray, and a Pooh cake(bought from grocery store bakery-delicious & very cute with the characters & a "2" candle, of course). We had softdrinks & apple juice to drink. The children and some of the parents ate together on a picnic blanket spread on the floor, while some of the adults sat nearby at a table covered with a Winnie the Pooh tablecloth. We used Pooh plates & napkins and red forks & cups.

PARTY FAVORS: These were my favorite! I used small plastic flower pots to make "Hunny" pots. Using the same idea as the beanbag toss game, I cut bright yellow felt into a wavy design and hot glued it to the top of the pots. I used a black marker to write Hunny on each one. When the children arrived, I had a friend paint each one's thumb with yellow paint and then put it next to the word Hunny. Before everyone left, I went over and used a black marker to draw stripes, wings, & antennea to create a bee out of their thumbprint. I am not much of an artist, but they were cute & their mommies loved them!  I had clear bags filled with a few Pooh crayons, a small plastic character (Pooh, Tigger, etc.), a small container of play-dough with a cookie cutter, bubbles, and a package of "Pooh Party" gummies. Before each child left, I placed the bag of goodies inside their hunny pot. I had so much fun planning this party.

About a month before the party, each time I was out shopping I would look for anything with Pooh on it that I thought might work for the party. (nearly every store had something) I even found an inexpensive inflatible Pooh on a helicopter that the kids could bounce on. The party turned out great! Everyone had so much fun. Now I'm just wondering how I will top this one when she turns 3! I'm sure I'll be looking to for some creative ideas.

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