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Winter Wonderland -8yr- Snowball Sundaes



Dec 2002


Joanna in Pitman, New Jersey, USA

Honorable Mention

Winter Party

I am having a Winter Wonderland Party for my eight-year-old's birthday party.

The decorations will be paper snowflakes, made by hand, and white streamers that can be found at the Dollar Tree or maybe other dollar stores.

The music will  Christmassy/Wintry music: I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas, Let It Snow, Walking in a Winter Wonderland etc.

First, all the girls will sit down at the table covered with newspaper and make snowmen out of sculpey clay found at craft stores such as A.C. Moore and Michael's for about $1.19 a packet. There will be white clay for bodies, black for coal and hats, red and green for scarves, and brown for twigs.

Our next craft will be making mitten magnets with foam sheets, also found at craft stores for about $0.10 a sheet. We will cut out the shape of a mitten from foam and decorate it with glued-on foam stripes or dots. It is good to have a model of each craft. Then stick a sticky-back magnet on the back of the foam. Magnet rolls found at craft stores.

If they're hungry then I will order the pizza. (Nothing to do with winter, but a party food classic favorite.)

Then come the games. They can find as many words as they can out of the word "snowflake". The winner gets a prize. Prizes can be plastic candy canes filled with M&M's, chocolate Santas, Santa hats, etc. All of which can be found at the Dollar Tree or dollar stores.

Also the tray game. The tray game is when you take times out on a tray and show them to the girls for 60 seconds, then take it away and the girls write down every object they can remember. The person who remembered the most objects gets a prize. Make them winter-y objects like a candy cane, a can of fake snow, a holly leaf, a Christmas cookie, an ornament be creative.

Another game can be 'Pin the Carrot Nose on the Snowman'. Cut out thick white paper in the shape of a large snowman and a big carrot nose with thick orange paper. Hang it up on the wall and use a towel or night mask for the blindfold.

The movie for the night will be Ice Age a children's cartoon. A backup movie in case they want to watch another one will be Snow Day. You can look up these movies on, a parent's guide to which movies to let their child watch.

To sip, I'll give the kids hot chocolate with marshmallows during the movie.

After the movie it's Snowball Sundaes! Each child gets a round scoop of vanilla or eggnog flavored ice cream, topped with chocolate chips and red and green sprinkles! How fun!

Then they can start to settle down. Give them a bag of wintergreen lifesavers to snack on, if you chew them in the dark with your mouth open, there's green and blue sparks. Kids love it! Give them a half hour to an hour to talk before lights out.

It'll be a hit party during the most wonderful time of the year!

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