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Fencing Party -7yr- Fencing Academy



Nov 2003


Claudia in Houston, Texas USA

Honorable Mention

Zorro Party


For my 7 yr old son birthday party we invited 20 of his friends to a Fencing Academy for 2hrs. Of play and exercise.

We did the invitations on plain white cardboard paper with a red rim around it and on the lower end we glued a fencer (copied from images from google) It said: En Garde!! You are invited to a Fencing Party to celebrate Champion _____ 7th Birthday All 1st grade Chevaliers get ready for the best fun of your lives! Where you will exercise your mind and body and wear foils and masks. The venue will take place at___on ___ from _____. Lets all shout Touche!!  While having pizza, cake and ice cream for "Lunge".   Retreat? Please call:--The package included 3 coaches, who first instructed the kids about the history of fencing ,rules and safety for about 8 min. then they did all sorts of warming drills and races,which they have lots of fun. They gave them a quick water break, and I had a cooler full gatorade bottles for them.

Then the coaches help the kids putting on the equipment they were fascinated to see themselves dressed up and the practice began (they all looked so handsome), each kid had an opponent and they started fencing and rotating, IT WAS GREAT!

When they finished the coaches gave them medals to each kid and we took pictures which we later send as thankyou notes. We had 30 min for the pizza and cake and icecream sandwiches .

The tables were dressed in black and white with mylar star balloons in different bright colors in the center. There were chocolate fencer pops on each plate that we made a night prior, and wrapped them in small cellophane bags ,plus glow in the dark sticks.

The cake was  covered with white icing and I draw with black icing a modern kind of fencer, easy and it looked spectacular!! I made a tower of marshmallow krispies with little bright solid color flags as well.

For party favors I ordered plastic fencing swords which we tied them outside of a the cellophane bag that included a zorro mask and candy. It turn out so COOL!! All the kids were so excited.

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