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60's and 70's - Pet Rocks



June 2002


Paris in Gibraltar, MI (USA!!)

Honorable Mention

Groovy Sixties 60s Party

Hi! Our Brownie Girl Scout Troop plann a 70's/60 retro party for the other troops in our neighborhood.

I sent out a groovy flyer and invited everyone to get down and get funky in their tye dye and bellbottoms. 

We started from scratch looking at what types of "toys" persay were popular then. So we thought about pet rocks. We went to a great gravel company named Freeport and told them what we were doing and they donated rocks to our cause. I picked up googly eyes at the dollar store, got some glue, ice cream boxes (which you can get at craft stores for cheap, and some raffia, had the girls glue the eyes on, punched holes in the boxes, put some raffia in them, name their rock and decorate their box.

All day they had a new "friend". We made love beads for each girls goody bag and also filled them with 60's dollar store items. We took posterboards and cut out peace signs, flowers and 70's words and made one with a list of 70's "things" and hung them for decoration.

We bought albums and 8 tracks from a thrift store for decoration as well as 70's clothes for a dress up relay. For youger girls we had a pin the smile on the smiley face that the girls made with cardboard. The girls made the menu which was named"far out food" and consisted of disco dogs, jungle boggie juice, and peace popsicles ( we had each family bring a dish to pass also).

We planned other field day type activities like relay races and water balloon toss with tye dye balloons. We had a volunteer DJ play 70's misuc under our Disco pavillion and had huslte lessons. We stamped everyone's hand with a flower power stamper.  All of that mixed with great weather and we had a groovy party baby!

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