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Groovy Girl Theme 7yr - Dress-up 60s



February 2002


Dody in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada

Honorable Mention

Groovy Sixties 60s Party

For my daughter, Caitlin's 7th Birthday, we decided on a "Groovy Girl Theme", and as you know these little rag doll type dollies are all the rage right now!

We would greet each girl with a dress up bead necklace which they thought was great as they are very sparkly! Every girl loves to dress up, so a big hit was our large basket filled up with dress up outfits that we got from the local thrift store.  The girls loved dressing up, and this was a great" ice breaker" for them! We decided to make "Groovy Girl Carpets" for the craft. Before the actual party, myself and a few friends cut out a large flower in felt, and all sorts of other smaller flowers in various sizes and shapes for the girls to apply with tacky glue. This was a big hit!

We also made little holes around the "carpet" with a hole punch and used wool, and beads to make tassels.  Once the girls were done making these, we decorated our own hats that I made in advance out of bristol board in the theme of a groovy girl hat, complete with the flower. They colored and decorated these with sequence, and felt pieces. These hats are quite easy to make using bristol board, and they are made in a long strip that is inserted in the back to fit the child's head! 

For the game, I cut out a huge "Groovy Girl and gave each girl a piece of clothing that I had made and colored out of bristol board. They were then blind folded and we continued to put the clothes on the groovy girl. We also made the dog, and the pillow, and the cat.  They Loved this! I also made a cake in the shape of a groovy girl, and they ate this right up! We also had a pinata for the girls to hit in the shape of a groovy girl that I made out of a balloon.

For the treat bags,  I used plain brown bags with each girls name on it and filled them with lip gloss and assorted party ideas that  are in the groovy girl theme. Luckily we have a great dollar store filled with heaps of girlie stuff. The party was a hit, especially in the middle of winter and it gets cold out here the girls had a blast! Definitely a hit! Dody

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