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Groovy Sleepover 10yr - Volkswagen & Flowers



July 2002


Patti in Tinley Park Illinois United States

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Groovy Sixties 60s Party

For my daughters 10th birthday she decided she wanted a GROOVY pool/sleep over theme.  She invited 12 of her closest friends. 

We started the planning with purchasing paper with peace signs, smiley faces, flowers, and rainbows on them for invitations (this is cheaper than buying premade ones and much cuter). We used the computer to print out all the necessary information. I spent the next 2 weeks keeping  my eyes open for things to help transform my family room into a GROOVY space for the girls.  I purchased several plastic table cloths with lava lamps, peace sign, smileys etc on them to decorate the door ways and walls. 

I hung one of the on the entrance of the room as grand entrance into the room. I cut it in half so the girls could go through it all night/day and it would not tear.  I hung the others on the walls around the room.  I went to Wal-Mart and purchased Volkswagen beetle fabric. It was black with neon colored cars, and small peace signs all over it.  I cut these into several different pieces to cover the end tables. I removed all the lamops and knick knacks from the tables and replaced them with those gel lamps that have a small night light in them. One was a butterfly and the other was a star.  It helped set the mood for the night time. 

On my fireplace I covered the bottom half with wrapping paper that followed the theme. Above the mantle I put a store bought smiley face .  All around the brick that was not covered I cut out flowers (just the pedal part) with different colored neon paper and taped them all around.  On the mantle itself I put her lave lamp and a retro lamp she had from her bedroom along with a few Volkswagen beetle toy cars. I put her Barbie Volkswagen car on the hearth and left the rest of the hearth bare to have the gifts. 

I purchased 75 balloons that match the colors in the wrapping paper and table cloths and had them all of the floor.  I used a few of them to tape to the walls in places it seemed bare.  We have a huge blow up chair with flower pedals all over it. We used the in the room as her chair to open her presents. On the patio door leading out to the deck/pool I put another store bought smiley face and them cut out flowers from bought wrapping paper to decorate the remaining window.  The room looked great. After all the girls arrived they swam for an hour or so. I served hot dogs and fries.  On the pool deck I had a plain yellow table cloth and decorated it with my own hand drawn peace signs etc. (cheaper than the already decorated ones) After dinner we made a craft.  They decorated foam door knob hangers with foam flowers, smileys, peace signs, and puffy paint. 

We did a scavenger hunt. Two groups escorted by myself and my husband.  The winners received an extra few hits on the piƱata , which was a rainbow filled with goodies.  We purchased a cake and had it decorated with streamers of color to match the tye dye theme colors.  She wanted 'HAPPY GROOVY BIRTHDAY' with groovy being a different color.  I purchased very cute candles that came in tea light candle holders. They were shaped like smiley face flowers, Volkswagen beetle cars and peace signs. Her lucky candle was a glow in the dark Volkswagen beetle car.  After cake the girls hid their presents in the groovy room and they were opened in the order that she found them. (very fair that way and no hurt feelings) the girls went swimming for a short time after that while I prepared s'mores on the grill.  By then it was 11:30 and time to paint our nails with glow in the dark nail polish.  Someone mentioned cucumbers so we cut them up for each girl to put on their eyes for a beauty make over.  Very cute they loved that. 

The girls played a few games, twister, ship shore deck and piggley wiggley in which the girls hide in a different sleeping bag and the IT person needs to tap one of them and the person inside throws there voice while saying piggley wiggley the IT person needs to guess who it is.  They loved that.  After that we made shakes using ice cream and fresh fruit ( better than candy as this time of night) I rented homeward bound for them to relax and watch.  At this point they were just wanting to wind down.  and chat so I went to bed. Oh yes I forgot we also made chalk paper by rubbing shavings of chalk into a pan of water the placing a piece of plain white paper on top of it.  let it dry and it looks like tee dye paper.

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