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Hippie Party - Pease Signs & Limbo



Feb 2003


Rosemary in midlan,n.c.,usa


Groovy Sixties 60s Party

I'm having a hippie pary for my birthday! Its gonna be soooo much fun. Its great for all ages.

First, we will tie dye headbands and/or t-shirts. Then we will make groovy bulitin board crafts! It easy! All u do is go to a craft store and buy foam paper! (this works better with extra thick foam paper and only runs for about 40 cents a sheet) get all different colors. They evan make tie-die foomies to!! Just cut out the shape u want!(peace sign, flower, smile face) attach a ribbin to the back with hot glue for hanging or attach a magnent on the back for a cool bulliten board for your locker! So just cut the shape and then get those flat baked thumb tacks and buy little beads and glue them on to give them a cool look!!

Its very easy to make d├ęcor for this theme to! Just get colored paper and cut out shapes that are groovy! At my party we will also make bookmarks! All you do is get cardboard or a strong,durable paper and cut them into a 6" by 2" rectangle and then punch holes at the top and tie a ribbon to the top. To decorate the book mark put cool stickers or draw cool shapes on them! Also we will make choclate shapes. All you do is go to a craft store a buy hippie molds (usally run for about 1.00 a mold with around enough space to make about 12 candies per mold!)just buy the mold, melt the choclate, and pour it in and place in freezer.(use about any type of choclate! Be careful!use low heat in microwave. It burns easy!)  just put in baggies to take home!

I will also do the limbo!(all u do is use a broom or mop!) I will be doing a scaverger hunt to! (stuff like find some thing blue or a flower,etc.) we will do a m&m realy to! All u do is get some pie pans and fill the bottem with your m&m's then put whip cream over top who ever gets all of their candy eatin first(no hands!) will win a prize or candy!

i have also made goody bags! in them are disco ball key chains, stickers, candy,erasers,braclets,lipstick holders etc. plus everybody will get many chances to win other things! this party is for up to 12 people! u dont have to spend a lot to have a great time!! plan ahead of time and go to dollar stores and look out for sales and bargins! i got plates napkins tablecloths and cups to! i got all of these things listed in this artical for under about 55 dollars! wow! i hope u like my sugestions and have fun!!! :)

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